Yoni Lightstone

I live in Givat Shmuel, which is a suburb of Tel-Aviv, with my wife and children.

I visited Israel for the first time when I was sixteen and fell in love with the land. I immediately knew that it was the place for me.

After I finished high school, I moved to Israel and joined the IDF where I served in the Nachal Infantry Brigade.

Over the years, I have pursued my interests in the outdoors and traveling. My travels have taken me to Ireland, Jordan, Ethiopia, Turkey, and other countries. Each of my trips has helped me develop my understanding and perspective on people, nature, history, and the world at large.

I realised that being a tour guide was my calling in life. I completed the Tour Guide course at The School of Tourism. I am a licensed tour guide and a member of the Israel Tour Guides Association

Israel is a small, but very diverse country. It is a mosaic of opposites: old and new; forest and desert; different religions and different ways of life. A trip to Israel has to be more than a vacation. A trip to Israel is an experience.

Tour Guiding Experience

Ever since moving to Israel in 2003 it has been my favorite pastime to travel the country and show it to as many friends as possible.

I’ve been working in the field of tourism since 2009. Over the years I have had experience in many different aspects of the field including logistics, security, medical, and work as a guide.

In addition to work in the field I have also worked as a tour operator for Birthright groups. I worked with the companies Israel Experience and Israel Outdoors and for the organizations USY and WUJS.

Skills and Certifications

B.A. in Israel Studies and Archeology from Bar-Ilan University
Israel Tour Guide License-Ministry of Tourism
Tour Guide License- Ministry of Education
First Aid Certification