One Day Israel Trip Itineraries

One day trips are designed to give you the best of a specific area. the trips can be done leaving from and returning to almost any place, or leaving from and arriving at different locations. As every trip is made specifically for you- you’re the boss.

Desert and Ramon crater:

The day starts with travel south during which you learn about the sites along the way, agriculture and climate. The first site is the biblical city of Tel Sheva/Be’er Sheva. After a tour of the site, we continue south where we will visit the burial site of David BenGurion- Israelis’ first prime minister. after a short visit at the awe inspiring tomb we will hike through the majestic ovdat valley and see a natural spring in the heart of the dessert. Afterwards we will travel further south to Mitzpeh Ramon for a lookout over the Ramon crater. After a short explanation, we will drive into the crater for a short hike and/or to collect different coloured sand.

Ancient Jerusalem:

The day starts with a panoramic view of the old city of Jerusalem and a short discussion of history and politics. From there we will continue to the old city of jerusalem, walk through it’s streets and learn about it’s place in the modern world. from there we will walk through time to ancient City of David, where we will learn about the beginning of Jerusalem. We will walk through a water tunnel carved by a Judean king to defend Jerusalem against the Assyrian Army, and see houses that were destroyed by the Babylonian Army in 586 BCE. We will walk to southern wall excavations (Davidson Center) and discover Jerusalem of the second temple period and learn how it was destroyed by the Roman Empire in 70 CE. we will visit the Western Wall, and learn of its significance. From there we will continue either to the Christian Quarter and/or the Moslem Quarter in which we will be able to see Mamaluk, Byzantine, Crusader and Ottoman architecture. Options include adding a tour of the Kotel tunnel and various other specific sites.


The day begins with a drive to the north during which we learn about modern and ancient town and cities in the area, geography and various other interesting facts. A more nature and archeology oriented tour will travel to the northernmost part of the Galilee and visit the biblical city of Tel Dan while enjoying the smell of fig trees and the plentiful water from the Dan stream. From there we can continue to a trail that leads to the Banias waterfall or hike through water at Tina spring. After those activities the day can end either with a visit to the kabbalistic city of Tzfat or a nature tour of the hula valley national park.