Our goal is to make your trip an amazing and unforgettable experience.

Yoni grew up in Toronto, Canada. Although he was half a world away he always felt a strong and deep connection to the land of Israel.

This connection was realised when he went on a summer program to Israel with a youth group.

As soon as Yoni finished high school he got on an airplane and moved to Israel, and he enlisted in the Israeli Army into the Nahal Infantry Brigade.
During his service he developed a deeper love of the desert and mountains of Israel which has lived with him ever since.

After his service Yoni studied a variety of subjects at Bar Ilan University. During his studies he realized that he was happiest when sharing his love of the land with others.
Yoni became a tour guide and dedicated his time to sharing the wonders of the land and the people who live here with students, families, birthright trips and more.

At Yoni Tours we believe that Israel is a large mosaic of people, places, religions and cultures. We strive to give our customers the best experience while building a tour that best suits their personal needs and preferences.
We provide, day tours, multi day tours and can accommodate families and large groups.

We will give you the trip of your dreams! whether you want to go on archaeological digs, relax at the Mediterranean Sea, or go rappelling off of cliffs into streams or all of it together. For us no trip is like any other.

We build a specialized Itinerary for every trip so that It will give you the experience that you want!